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Mobile phone screenshot of a curated playlist called "Start Here" from the app Apollo Podcasts. There are three shows visible: The Far Meridian, Flyest Fables, and Sidequesting.
Mobile phone screenshot of the "Categories" page from the app Apollo Podcasts. There are six categories visible: Horror, Kids, Musical, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Slice of Life.
Mobile phone screenshot of the fiction podcast "1972" by Yhane Washington Smith playing on the app Apollo Podcasts.

Escape into exciting audio worlds.

Apollo is the only podcast-listening app designed solely for fiction.

Find great stories.

Escape the clutter of other podcatchers. On Apollo, it’s fiction only, so you don’t have to sort through a sea of nonfiction to find something new.

Discover new favorites.

With our easy-to-search tagging system and curated playlists, it’s easy to find something you’ll love.

Enjoy Apollo for free, ad-free.

Apollo has no visual ads and no additional in-podcast audio ads. There are only in-podcast ads placed by creators directly from their show’s sponsors.
A phone screenshot showing the playlist Twisty History. It lists the following shows in order: ars PARADOXICA; The Vanishing Act; and Night Vale Presents Within the Wires.
Mobile phone screenshot of "Earth Eclipsed" fiction podcast playing on the Apollo app.

Built by Creators.

When we made our first show, sci-fi epic Earth Eclipsed, we realized there was a problem. Even though we were featured in Tribeca, it was hard to find us. And we weren’t the only ones with this problem. After meeting a lot of talented creators, they all said the same thing: discoverability is one of the biggest issues facing fiction podcasts. We were all competing against a sea of non-fiction content in apps built for music or audio books, unsuited to the unique features of fiction.

We built Apollo with one goal in mind - to create the ultimate platform for audio fiction, bringing together listeners and creators.

We hope Apollo can transport audiences to new immersive worlds and empower creators to push the frontiers of audio storytelling.