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Built by Creators

Apollo was born from the creative partnership of three Brazilian friends: Nick, AJ, and Victor, who met in Hollywood while working for a family-focused film and TV production company. Combining Nick's imaginative writing, AJ's engaging music and soundscapes, and Victor's astute business acumen, they embarked on a journey to create a groundbreaking sci-fi podcast called Earth Eclipsed.

The show captured the attention of the Tribeca Film Festival, earning a spot in its inaugural audio storytelling lineup in the Summer of 2021. The first season, comprising eight episodes, went on to win over 35 Best Podcast awards worldwide and captivated hundreds of thousands of sci-fi enthusiasts. (You can learn more about Earth Eclipsed on our show website.)

Through their work on Earth Eclipsed, the trio forged friendships within the audio fiction community and gained insight into the industry's main challenges, such as monetization and unclear distribution channels. Inspired by their experience and driven to empower creators, Nick, AJ, and Victor embarked on a new mission: to build Apollo, a platform that elevates the audio fiction medium and takes its creators to new heights.