Frequently Asked Questions

Why only fiction?
We were audio fiction creators before making Apollo. We wanted to first start solving the problems we encountered in the medium as creators. Our mission is to help advance this entire medium, its creators, and everything they represent.
In what devices is Apollo available?
Apollo can be used on both iOS and Android. Although available for iPadOS and macOS with M1, we don't offer official support for those apps.
We don't have full browser support yet, but we plan on doing so. If that's something you'd like prioritized, please let us know why.
Is Apollo free?
Yep, Apollo is 100% free-to-use. We're also not running any visual ads that distract you from your experience listening to fiction podcasts.
How does Apollo make money?
Our vision is to create a platform that enables creators to achieve financial success with their work. We're partnering with some of the best indie creators and releasing their content for a small fee on Apollo.
Is Apollo available in other languages besides English?
Not yet! We're mainly focused on US and English-language shows for now, but have plans to offer content and support in other languages soon. If you're a creator or listener of audio fiction in another language, we'd love to chat with you! Please leave your contact info here.
Where is the company based?
We're a fully remote, US-based company.