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Alexander in Mimesis


Alexander Augustus

Alexander in Mimesis tells the story of myself making an artwork, describing the story of myself making an artwork. In many ways the US is a dreamlike reflection of the UK, and during my time there I came to see Manchester, New Hampshire, as a kind of Manchester 2; in response I wanted to create a kind of Alexander 2 to inhabit the foreign land. The resulting piece is a semi-autobiographical, science-fiction adventure which follows Alexander on his artistic journey; through the old factories and graveyards, sports bars and antique shops, museums and supermarkets, dating apps and stem cell research facilities, with a harrowing glimpse into the mysterious beings who live beyond the sky.Artist, writing, direction - Alexander Augustus Narration - Mike Bodie Music - Cornelius Link Sound Design - Alexander Augustus Sound Design / Engineering Consultant - Youkyung Cho Additional instruments - Lukas Henning (rhythm & lead guitar), Trevor Nierendorf (rhythm guitar)Special thanks to The Factory on Willow; David Rogers and the scientists at Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute; John Clayton, Aurore Eaton and the Millyard Museum; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and to Isaac Liddle, wordsmith and writing mentor.

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