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911 Productions

10 years after a cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami devastates the Pacific Northwest, a new ocean floor reveals itself along the infamous Cascadia Subduction Zone. When philanthropic billionaire, Wesley Badger falls unfit to go on a deep sea expedition to explore the new area. Rookie captain, Declan Walters must step up and pilot The Alexandria Submarine through the uncharted Pacific abyss. The fellow crewmen are reluctant to trust their new captain, especially after a routine dive does not go according to plan. Join us as we venture into unknown waters. Discoveries will be made, hearts will be broken in an underwater odyssey that will leave you breathless and blindsided. From beginning to surface. Starring: ADAM MURCIANO as Declan Walters REBECCA KWAN as Alia Steele LEE J. POICHUK as Holden Davis SAMANTHA LIANA COLE as Iris Hill . Directed By:ANTONIO CORDERO. © 911 Podcasts, 2021-2022.

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