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The Dex Legacy


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The Dex Legacy is a full cast science fiction drama set on the planet SP714. The spaceships are dead, the ancestors are silent, and human beings are the same as ever. Dex Island is about to become a major player on the world stage. Weapons manufacturer and President, Nathaniel Dex, works with his colleagues to run his company and steer planet-wide politics. It’s a game of chess on a global scale and his adopted and enhanced children, Varian, Isra and Ren will be key players. But unleashing three teenage super soldiers on the world comes with more complications than anyone anticipated. It’s Game of Thrones meets Dune with a hefty dose of dark humour in this sci-fi audio drama, featuring a diverse cast of characters you’ll love to hate, and never forget. The Dex Legacy audio drama is written by Emily Inkpen as a prequel series to her trilogy of dark political science fiction novels.

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