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Blood Roots



Andi Carmichael an Ex MI5-agent and investigator gets a call from her old boss about the discovery of a dead girl and the voices start inside her head. With the help of her friend Jules a cousin to the royal family. They discover a connection to a US based Tech Company and rumours of sect like occurrences. Jules infiltrates the company Kuba Corp as a tech worker. Andi visits the UK headquarters in Yorkshire with Peter Smythe. They discover an underground labyrinth and a girl kidnapping operation. Edwardo Sol and his Father have connections with the Russians and the Kosovans to smuggle super high tech Nanites and Uranium to the governments of the eastern bloc. Usinggirls they control both with dark magical practices and modern technology they filter the blood from the girls and replace it with Nanites rich in uranium.MI5 and Carl, Andi’s old boss along with Skilly, a onetime team member are tangled up with the UK government and their connections to the eastern bloc and Kuba Corp. Skilly engages members of the old MI5 team to help him bring down Carl and the foreign secretary. Andi is embroiled in the ensuing chaos and assist her old team resulting in the death of her long-time friend.Jules feeds information from within the organisation and Andi along with Peter Smythe set about using the information to bring down the organisation. A trip to the USA and a confrontation with the Sols lead to a conflict to end the global hold by Kuba Corp. But the roots are deeper and stronger than they imagine. Andi and Peter along with Jules dismantle the organisation from within. Using both modern and paranormal weapons. Andi is sucked into a paranormal conflict that leads her to fully understand her voices and the power they hold for her. The conflict leads her to an ancient society the Essaria. What they find will take years to undo and with the help of the Essaria, linked to the royal family, they will win. Or will they? Audio drama written by Colin Sinclair. Produced by Behear

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