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Night Faces


Half Bad Productions

Half Bad Productions presents an award winning 10-episode ghostly noir. There’s a body in the woods. An otherworldly love story unfolding. A mystery propelled by grief, lust, revenge and the promise of after-life. In the small town of West Salle, the line between here and now is blurred when a young woman is murdered and those who knew her seek the unforgivable answers. Half Bad Productions was founded in 2020 by husband and wife podcasting team, Benjamin Lisser and Isabelle Spotts. Together they write, narrate, compose and produce each podcast from start to finish. Focusing on dark and heartfelt prose and intense and music driven episodes, they strive to create a new caliber of narrative fiction audio dramas. Check out Night Faces and Middle West wherever you listen to your podcasts. Support the creators and gain access to exclusive content and soundtracks on www.patreon.com/halfbadproductions Follow @halfbadproductions on Instagram Contact: halfbadproductions@gmail.com.

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