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London After Midnight


AudioMarvels, Monkey Basket Entertainment & Pocket Universe Productions

London After Midnight is a full-cast audio drama, resurrecting the lost silent horror classic, directed by Tod Browning and starring Lon Chaney. Originally released in 1927, the film was lost in the notorious 1965 MGM vault fire. Adapted here by Lance Roger Axt & Kenton Hall from the original screenplay by Waldemar Young & Tod Browning, it stars Art Malik in the role made iconic by Chaney, alongside a full cast. It was directed by Jack Bowman & Kenton Hall and produced by Lance Roger Axt, Jack Bowman & Kenton Hall. Starring Art Malik, Dan Starkey, Beth Eyre, Kenton Hall, David K Barnes, David Bickerstaff, Jack Bowman, Cliff Chapman, Sarah Dorsett, Karim Kronfli and Abi McLoughlin

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