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The Cosmic Footlights



"In a galaxy where theatre is forbidden, and media barons flood the airwaves with non-stop reality shows, one defiant acting troupe travels across tserve the ancient traditions of good entertainment!". Radio Drama written by Danhe stars. Its ragtag performers determined to bring live theatre to the universe and preiel Wilmot. Full cast Radio Drama. SciFi Spoof Comedy. Daniel Wilmot - Jadeite Holden. Katharine Newell - Ambika ‘biki’ Luthra. Steven Jobson - Sebastian Randall Strang. Alexa Chaplin - Catherine Cat Calliday. Elanor Kitchen - Thistle. Florence Poskitt - Felicia Vallon. Martin Rowley - Lord Alfred Meadows. Colin Sinclair - Lenny \\/ Narrator. Adam Sowter - Paris Crush. Sally Lewis - Jean Holden. Amy Mackie-Sinclair - Announcer\\/tv screens. Produced by Behear

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